We all know the effects of skin maceration when we’ve bathed for a long time and our fingers have turned white and wrinkled. Don’t forget to protect if from UV light. Hello, I recently (11 days ago to be precise) had a general surgery to remove about 3cm size Cyst from right next to my tailbone area. You can get their gel at amazon too. Best for Breast Reduction (Lollipop Pattern): Epi-Derm Areopexy Silicone Scar Sheets, 10. ScarAway 100% Medical-Grade Silicone Scar Gel for Face, Body, Surgical, Burn, Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids and Acne Scar Treatment, 0.35 Ounces (10 Grams) 4.1 out of 5 stars 2,561 $11.93 $ 11 . $23.99 *See offer details. Will this product work now for her? I was incredibly disappointed to find out how flimsy these are, you basically can’t wear them on any body part that’s going to get a lot of movement, mine kept balling up and getting stuck to each side or would just fall off after a few hours, such a waste. Silon technology is also used by plastic surgeons, hospitals, and burn centers in specialty scar treatment garments, masks and sheeting. ScarAway. I have been using my NewGel for 3 months after my surgery and have noticed an enormous difference! Imust thank you for all the information. All of these are designed specifically for the treatment of scars. Some brands offer pads instead of the thinner sheets. My scars are self inflicted due to me being a picker. 🍭Best For: Breast Reduction ScarsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. Super recommended! Scaraway silicone sheets say 8 to 12 weeks and at least they’re more honest with the sentence that follows: “Further benefits may result from extended and consistent use.” Whatever the brand may be, for best results you probably will need to wear them 5 to 6 months, maybe 7 or 8 if you’re really dedicated. Especially if not raised. 🤗. This generous-sized silicone tape measures 1.57″ by 59.0″ and consists of 30 individual 2.0″ pieces that can be easily torn off without scissors. Finally, here’s one positive review and one negative review for ScarAway for C-Section: My Verdict: The ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets for C-Section are specially designed for new Moms with ultra-thin & breathable fabric and 100% silicone to help fade C-section scars. They advised me to get a barrier film that was supposed to help but it actually made it worse. I would like to point out that, since your daughter’s scar is on her cheek, adhesiveness is important. If it is too sticky, there is the potential to further damage the new skin, or even open a delicate healing area. Our Silicone Scar Gel forms a bond with the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the dermis composed of dead skin cells) forming a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial invasion of the scar … Overall, customer reviews of Mepiform have been very positive and it’s reasonably priced given the large size of each silicone bandage (each box contains 5 in total). In my opinion this is another benefit of wearing the sheets. For the parts which can stick well. This surgical operation results in “anchor” shaped scars which these silicone strips aim to address. At one point in time, I thought that my scar would always make my leg appear … I have an unsightly scar from hip replacement 8 months ago. Specially-formulated with the active ingredient Kelo-cote, With regular use, silicone sheets may help flatten and reduce the size of hypertrophic scars, relieve common symptoms like itching and redness, and prevent post-op scars from forming. It’s a brand that I’ve used many times in the past for my own scars and is one of the best silicone sheets for keloids and hypertrophic scars. Later on when the scar was improving this part stayed thicker and more red. Similar to bandages, silicone sheets contain an adhesive component that gently … Thnks, Am I able to use an ice pack on top of the scar away strip to help with the swelling of my ankle surgery. The trademark is protected by a series of foreign and US patents. But then again, I haven’t had a scar on my upper lip so it’s just my two cents. Here are the Mederma before and after photos. He said ScarAway could help soften my scars, reduce redness, and might even prevent them from coming back (a growing problem with keloids, pardon the pun). I actually did one, by accident/growing impatience, when I used the strips regularly for my first surgical incision (putting in a port), and then later when I had to have the identical procedure done on my chest again (because the skin on the first incision failed to knit properly) I used the strips on both sites for a while, but stopped using the strips after the first 8 weeks. There are several silicone sheet brands such as Rejuveness, Mepiform, ScarFX, Dr.Blaine, Cica Care, and ScarAway. Today, I just use a silicone gel to maintain my results and flatten any new scars that happen to pop up (unfortunately, like many people, I am prone to developing keloids 😐; it’s likely due to a genetic sequence that promotes collagen overproduction which makes it more likely for hypertrophic scars and keloids to develop). (source: VeryWellHealth). I have a keloid scar on my shoulder that randomly appeared for seemingly no reason when I was a kid. I had mohs surgery on my cheek and was wondering the same thing. BECAUSE I always do stomach stretching everyday. $10.99 after cash back. That’s because CicaTape is very adhesive and doesn’t fall off or roll up as easily as some other brands. Best for Travel Usage & Sensitive Areas: Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Treatment Stick, Up Next:The Best Scar Gels(With Before/After Pics), most affordable silicone sheets on the market, it’s been a week and there’s already a noticeable difference, I feel like they didn’t stick well enough and would get linty, Stays on through everything. Can you use the ScarAway sheets 24X7 and just replace them every 14 days? 🍭, Summary: Pro-Sil is a “chapstick” that’s suitable for scars near your eyes, fingers, and sensitive areas.Best For: Travel & Sensitive ScarsKey Ingredients:Medical Grade SiliconeVitamin EGet It @ Amazon. $11.99. Anybody has suggestions? List of Silicone Scar Products (Sheets and Gels). Best for Tummy Tucks: Embrace Active Scar Defense for Tummy Tuck Scars, 6. There is one way that’s slightly complicated: go to “see all customer reviews”, “see all reviews from the United States”, then under the “Filter By” boxes, click on “All Formats”, and select “Show only reviews for ….”. 3.8 out of 5 stars with 350 reviews. I used ScarAway silicone sheets. Finally, here are the product specifications for ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets: My Verdict: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets is my #1 pick for an effective and affordable solution for your hypertrophic scars and keloids, especially when combined with a professional treatment like corticosteroid injections (which I highly recommend!). Embrace Scar Therapy is another well-known brand of silicone sheets. The Scar-Away Repair Gel earned a 68 percent approval rating, primarily for its impact on acne scars. The long ones so I could use one patch for the whole scar. Best for Breast Reduction (Anchor Pattern): Epi-Derm Mastopexy Silicone Scar Sheets, 9. “Recommended by my plastic surgeon these seemed very expensive but these have worked great! Similar to ScarAway and Aroamas, each sheet can be washed, air dryed, and reused for a few days or until the sheet can no longer stick to your skin properly. Required fields are marked *. I just wanted to post this so you would know that your suppositions are correct about the chest being a ‘problem area’ for others as well as yourself. Make sure to choose the right size for your scar. It is kind of a hybrid between a silicone sheet and a silicone gel. Best for Long Scars: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets Long, 7. I was a little skeptical at first but after using the patch and gel on a quite recent, ugly burn scar, I was truly impressed. As an Amazon affiliate I earn on qualifying purchases. I find that doing so helps the silicone sheet retain its adhesion properties much longer. According to Embrace Scar Therapy, the company’s silicone sheets incorporate: However, if you check out any of Embrace’s silicone sheets on Amazon, you’ll notice that the reviews have been overwhelming negative with 57% of ratings in the 1-, 2-, or 3-star buckets. The sheets can also be cut to size for smaller scars or worn side-by-side for larger scars.ScarAway comes in a new package (see below). It could also lead to worsening (e.g. the scar is brand new. The strips should not be too thick. She brought one for me to try and the next day I couldn’t believe my eyes. Read my ScarAway review to find out why (apart from having used them myself and being content with the results). Summary: Mepiform by Mölnlycke is a medical silicone dressing used to cover larger scars.Best For: Large Scars, including Knee Surgery, General Surgery, Major Wounds, and Car AccidentsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. In most cases, if used daily, ScarMD ® Silicone Scar Gel will minimize the pain, itchiness and discomfort associated with your scar after a few days. Jennie. Needless to say, now that I feel motivated again, I’m going straight to Amazon to buy the strips again. But I can imagine that will be cumbersome since you will probably have to use tape to keep it attached, even if you use Alexandra’s method of rotating strips each day, so the more convenient option would be gel. before and after silicone scar sheets. The small version (4.25 g) is enough to last about 30 days on a 3-4″ sized scar. Mederma's results are also very good and show the power of the onion extract. I was shocked at how large and how many Mepiform sheets were in the container. For all other scars, Scar Away or Mederma will do the trick. “Used the tummy tuck set ~ totally easy to use ~ shower proof & makes a huge difference in the scar. Can i use scar away? Watch Queue Queue. Here’s why and when I’d use Mepitac. The scar will heal itself every time it is messed with so leaving it will eventually be the best solution. Lastly, I just wanted to thank you, the site’ creator, for all of your work and effort in creating and maintaining this site. In other words, a company that sells a wide variety of products on Amazon (usually exclusively) and then contracts with a third-party manufacturer to create the products themselves. It seems this is a very delicate and vulnerable part of the skin on the chest. Best Overall: ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets. “Surgeon checked me out & knew right away I wasn’t using anything for my scars. Can scaraway be used on the tip of the nose after Moh’s surgery. Here are the best silicone scar sheets (and best silicone sheets for scars): Summary: ScarAway is my #1 pick for an effective and affordable solution for all types of scars. My friend had told me about this seeing I had a growth removed close to my elbow on the side of my arm and it left a good size scar. This produced a dramatic improvement in these scars, flattening them out and reducing the redness to the point where some of them are barely noticeable now. No worries, your intact skin will not be harmed. Before I knew it, the skin seemed to spread open a bit, eventually leaving me with a raised, dark pink-ish colored scar that is wider than the original incision. I have found it to be easy to use and very successful in making the skin in the scar area flexible and pale. “I bought these to place on my mastectomy/breast reconstruction scars. Well, I haven’t personally used Aroamas products before, but I did notice a couple of red flags while browsing their Amazon product page and doing research on this company. Continue to use ScarAway until your scar has stopped responding for two weeks. You’ll see it will become less sticky and you may have trouble keeping it on. the shipping and customs here is insane so my only hope is her bringing me stuff. If you need a silicone tape for scars, I highly recommend CicaTape by CicaSolution.

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