Once again, leave this connected for a few minutes then try charging the battery. This is a sign that your batteries are on the way out. This method should only be used if you don’t have a spare battery or power supply as per option 1. I spoke to Ryobi who told me that 6 years is over the lifespan of the batteries. It has 2 “charge light dot” visible when looking at the charge of the battery, but only one “charge light dot” when in the appliance (lawnmower in this case.) I can find a replacement for you if you like. Help. The terminals may be covered on your battery – but I would not recommend that fix unless you have some knowledge in electronics and batteries. since there are no flashing lights, I didn’t think any of the solutions you offered would apply. I just pulled out my 10 month old 40v battery lawn mower (April now). ADVTRONICS 40V 4.0Ah OP4040 Lithium-Ion Battery Compatible with Ryobi 40 Volt OP4050A OP4015 OP4026 OP40201 OP40261 OP4030 OP40301 OP4040 OP40401 OP4050 OP40501 OP40601 Ryobi 40 Volt Battery Lasica Replacement for Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery 6.0 Ah OP4040 OP4050A OP40601, Compatible with Ryobi 40-Volt Collection Cordless Power Tools Li-ion Battery and Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery … Look at the positive side though, you will now have two batteries to use! Maybe your blower contacts are not connecting with the battery. The battery doesn’t charge nor does it work in the trimmer. This is commonly known as the battery being in “sleep mode”. The best way to test which is the faulty part, is to take your battery down to your local store that sells Ryobi 40V tools and try it on one of their chargers. my Ryobi trimmer stopped working after the string coiled up twice, jamming in between. I’m so stoked! I’ve just encountered the Red/green light flashing for my 36V 5Ah battery and am balking at the fact Just runs a few seconds and shuts off. I have it plugged in to (re)charge, the “charging” light is pulsing. The voltage on the battery only reads 27volts from the + to the – terminal on the battery. The green light on the charger and battery flash for hours without charging the battery. 4.6 out of 5 stars 523. 6.0Ah For Ryobi 40 Volt High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery OP4015 OP4026 OP40601 . I have this exact same problem. Yes. Let me know the model number of your unit and battery here and I can find you a suitable replacement. It sounds like your batteries may have gone into sleep mode. Not sure to be honest. The third, flashes on the very first light. https://www.ryobitools.com/outdoor/products/details/ryobi-40v-5ah-battery Hi Josh, How old is it? So let me ask you, if my battery is dead, is there no other way to bring it back to life, short of re-building the parts, which I have no knowledge of? Have you been able to remove it in the past? Free returns. This points to the tool itself is the problem. I have a working battery and charger again. Have you checked the battery terminals? The main board has 42 volts. Well don’t panic yet because it isn’t always a sign that your battery needs replacing. Previously, are used it in the weedeater and the weedeater got hot. Will comment on the end result. What gives with the lights being illuminated but short run time? I’ve got the blinking red green issue. Not an overheating problem as the batteries do not get hot.. seems like a current issue. Powered up whenever I turn the power bar on with all my other chargers. I have the same symptoms with a battery someone gave me. Is there any sign of life from the trimmer at all? battery charger green light stays on with battery in dock. Hi Aaron, I have a Ryobi cordless drill, I don’t use it often and it won’t charge it just continues to flash red? When I put it back on charge, it took a charge just fine. $63.99. Replacement generic battery did same thing. Fix option 1 does not show underneath the 40 volt batteries the positive and negative wires hook up. Patience is required here – so read these instructions carefully and find somewhere comfortable to sit! Does that sound like the battery or the charger? So keep this in mind when carrying out the following recommendations. No light nothing. Frustrated. if this is the quality of your items, I would like to return the tool and get a refund. I’m stumped here. I get to 4 green lights and if I use it it will just stop and when I put it back on the charger it show 3 green lights and charges up to the 4 green light and works for awhile. If the metal contacts on the battery or charger become dirty or corroded, then it can cause the Ryobi charger to incorrectly assume that the battery is faulty. Glad we could be of help Be sure to sign up to our newsletter here! The best way to test which is the faulty part, is to take your battery down to your local store that sells Ryobi 40V tools and try it on one of their chargers. And then I can recharge it. Is it possible the battery is frozen inside, & won’t budge? View Blog, Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System WD-G3-W Review, Place the battery in the charger until the green indicator goes solid, Just before the red/green lights start flashing, remove the battery from the charger, Re-insert the battery into the charger again and repeat steps 2-3, Do this until the green light flashes constantly (might take up to 30 minutes). Hi George, If you tell me the model no. Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 6 Ah High Capacity Battery OP40601. Can they be bled down to zero? Thanks a bunch! But when put into the charger the red/green lights flash indicating a defective battery. Hi Lynn, Will not operate mower. Hi Christine, the manual should tell you how to get it out. I’m going to try your recovery method (they’re Li ion, so the procedure should be the same) but I was So keep this in mind when carrying out the following recommendations. I have two chargers and three batteries (multiple Ryobi 40 v. In our home, the highest DC supply I could find was 18V. I have had two of my batteries get stuck in my lawn mower over the last two weeks, and I think it’s a common problem that I’ve seen other people in the comments mention. That could be a number of things – maybe there is still some string jammed in it? I think it is easy to modify inside charger (a resistance value or something else), to reduce output power. The one that requires patience, the last one that you suggest, it works like a charm. I had tried option 3 but the battery still couldn’t charge. While you can replace the cells in the batteries, the amount of time it takes you, the cost of the cells and not to mention the possible safety implications make this barely worth it. The battery has been in the charger since October. The first one showed as faulty on the charger. I have a P104 lithium battery that shows full charge on both the charger and on the battery, but will not work when placed in any of my Ryobi tools. Yes David we have a OP40261 2.6Ah battery doing exactly what you say. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It sounds like it could be a heat issue? Are the terminals dirty? What could be the problem ? I have another one that charges to 2 notches and I can use if for a bit, but when it dies, it still shows 2 notches. Hi Victor, it’s hard to say but it could be a charger issue? Is there a way on the charger to bypass the sleep check function? Required about 4-5 minutes of in-and-out but then the green stayed solid and battery is charging. Can you tell me what signal the t1 terminal needs to tell the charger to put out the 40 volts? My 40volt battery won’t charge. then it shuts down again. To replace a battery that is still under warranty, please contact our customer service at 877-655-5250. Any ideas? Any advice? How old is it? I have removed the hold down screw but need advice on replacing the post (removal mostly). It took at least 35 minutes of connecting and disconnecting the battery but it finally showed a sign that it might be working after about 25 minutes when the green charging light would stay on a little longer before shutting off. When I go to use it it runs around high speed for a few seconds and then completely stops. Aaron Any thoughts? Do i need to make any connectino to the other terminals marked T ? Mine seems to be stuck like that at times. The battery is designed to become defective within a year. I used it one time in my trimmer and charged it. My 40 V Ryobi lithium ion battery is fully charged. For replacement of 4V, 18V, 24V, and 40V batteries that are not under warranty, please visit The Home Depot. It never registered on the light display at the end of the battery regarding how much had charged. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Powilling OP4050A 40V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery for Ryobi 40-Volt Collection Cordless Power Tools Li-ion Battery OP4015 OP4026 OP40201 OP40261 OP4030 OP40301 OP4040 OP40401 OP4050 OP40501 OP40601 at Amazon.com. I tried drying the battery out in the sun but no luck getting it to charge. How does the voltage measure on it? 4.3 out of 5 stars 135. If they are over 3 years old then it is likely just that they are getting old. I pressed the button on the battery to see if It was fully charged and nothing lit up. Again 15 seconds of charge. It showed a full charge but wouldn’t work again. Hi Aaron, my 40V battery was working fine and then i dropped it about two feet on the pavement. What do you think I should do? button on the back and all 4 lights shown green). How old is it? does this mean it is stuffed? Then try charging the battery again – this may be enough to kick the battery back into life. One green light. This could be a tricky one to diagnose. Hi, Aaron! I put my 2.6Ah battery in the charger and it flashed green and finally solid green. Is it charging correctly? The battery was dead when I got it so I put it on charge. The second thing I would do is try to ascertain whether it is the charger or the battery that is faulty. I may end up using some of the tips for a battery I have. Does it happen only in hotter weather? Ryobi RY40220 40 Volt 5 AMP Lithium-Ion High Capacity Battery # 130302024DG9. I don’t get any lights on battery or charger when I plug them in. If it doesn’t appear to be charing, then I would take both the charger and battery to Home Depot to get them to check it. I put the battery on and off the charge about 20 times. Whats the model? Stay safe. Thinking the circuit board must be bad, but interested in your thoughts. Not sure if the cold has anything to do with it? This machine is only 1 year old. 90-day money back and a 12 months limited warranty! The first thing I would check is if the contacts on the mower or the battery are dirty. Best bet is to give the manufacturer a call and find out. Or does it have to be discarded at this point? As batteries are discharged, the materials inside them crystallize, reducing the amount of material available to take a charge. It doesn’t stay running. My battery is 4 months old and won’t charge. I had the same problem last year with the charger if I left it plugged in while I was out using the tool when I came back the lights would be off. Are you able to check a different charger? Put battery in mower and will operate for 10-15 minutes. In theory the batteries should be fine to sit in the charger. I bought a new battery. First, the battery indicator on the battery does not work. It sounds like the battery is not being charged – or possibly even that the charger is not detecting that a battery is plugged into it at all. recharged the battery and tried again with no results. I believe it would be solid green? It’s showing 19 volts more or less with a volt meter. They all flash at the same time four times. defective battery it charges normally, the green light flashes green until it is fully charged and all the lights on the battery com on when you press the button on the battery. Why does this work? I purchased a Ryobi cordless weed eater last year (I’m small so the model I selected works for my female/small build). Hi, To me it seems like the battery might be going into a protection mode for some reason? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 1 You Too, Can Recondition Batteries The Complete Story 2. Battery shows levels of charging as I would expect. Sorry – no way to fix it that I know of. If you need your replacement Ryobi 40V battery parts in a hurry, then you will want to head straight down to the closest supplier and buy it locally. Hi Ken, Amazon has other batteries such as Ryobi OP4030, or Lasica OP4050A. I tried the solution #3, out & in for 30 minutes, but the red & green lights keep flashing. I’ve tried storing the battery away from the drill, and truedleaving it in the drill. But best to double check your manual. Gotta give Ryobi some love here..I've had 2 of these conk out on me, only over a year old, one returned to Home Depot, got a full refund after talking with Ryobi corporate...2nd one had green/red flashing lights on charger when inserted...called Ryobi, it was only a year old..gave serial numbers etc and they shipped a new one in 2 weeks...free...nice in these days of threadbare customer service... Nitrotech Tool Rental. It certainly sounds like your charger may need replacing. I tried all options but none worked. Good evening. What should I do? I have a 40 volt Ryobi that displays a 100% charge, but only has 19 volts on the terminals. How to Change Smoke Alarm Batteries. So repeating this process over and over results in the battery slowly being charged in very small increments each time. But that does sound suspiciously like it could be faulty circuitry on the batter control board. Thanks. bought new rebuilt charger. I tried method three, and all it did was ruin my charger. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Hi Marlene, I have never considered that before – but I am sure it is a problem that many people face when using these tools! 99. When you choose to click on a link that takes you to an external site, we may earn a commission from any sales made on that site thereafter. Best regards. Then try charging the battery again – this may be enough to kick the battery back into life. If you aren’t in too much of a rush and are looking to save some cash, then consider purchasing from a reputable online store such as Amazon. Only charges the battery entirely , to 100%, when it wants to. I appreciate your feedback, Aaron. Removing and then replacing the battery does not cause the charger to wake up. I tried in another charger but it did the same thing. Any advice? The battery held its full charge from the fall and I used it, but now that it died, it won’t recharge. I’d used the refrigerator option a couple of times in the past to get the temperature in range. option 3 worked. Has the battery lost capacity? On my mower, the bolt the handle swivels on was loose enough that the switch would vibrate so that the mower thought the handle wasn’t properly positioned for safe operation. Hi, Aaron! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah High Capacity Battery at Amazon.com. Voltage measured between +ve and T1 :32.6. To expedite the process please have the battery in question as well as a compatible tool and charger. Hi Emily, I would suggest contacting support for this one. I have arthritis in my hands and it is very difficult if not impossible to remove the battery from trimmer. Ryobi also states that their 4V battery will last for around 2,000 full charges before becoming defective. I would appreciate your comments. However when i was outside trimming the yard, the trimmer stopped and then started again. My Ryobi drill battery has always been dead when I pull it out to use it no matter when I fully charged it from steady red to steady green. Hello I’ve got a Ryobi 40v battery that has been great up until lately it shows all green on the battery but dead in the leave blower. Whether you have a Ryobi cordless mower, a pole saw or one of the many other tools available, a common problem with Ryobi batteries is when the charger shows green and red flashing lights. Then tried to charge, but it went to flashing red. The battery works as expected. Does the battery go flat when the mower cuts out? 305 shares Then after a couple of minutes it started working and I was able to get finished. I had same problem with generic batteries in my Ryobi mower, runs for less than a minute and cuts off. Then when I plugged the batteries back on their chargers, the light blinks just red on both. Suggestions. Please explain as I see no terminals. https://www.essentialhomeandgarden.com/ryobi-40v-battery-problems I opened the ‘bad’ battery and found the two junction points marked BAT+ and BAT- next to the 4 pin connector. I hope I can use this battery for both units. What’s more, our 40V lithium-ion battery fits every charger and powers every RYOBI 40V tool. Remove battery, check lights. Did you ever get it fixed? Hey Roy. And thank God! This is a lithium ion battery and will have that "fade free" power that other lithium ion batteries offer. Is it the charger? They charge fine and if I used the on a low draw system they work fine, but as soon as I put one in my lawn mower or weed whacker they run for a few minutes… stop… then a minute or two later then start up again. This morning I used it until it quit and tried it again and it quit again so I put it in the charger and got no lights. Sounds very similar to an overheating problem. The new battery works fine in either tool. You were right. I would doubt if it was used more than once or twice. How old is the battery? Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery OP4040. Lasica Replacement for Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery 6.0 Ah OP4040 OP4050A OP40601, Compatible with Ryobi 40-Volt Collection Cordless Power Tools Li-ion Battery and Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery Charger Biswaye 6.0Ah Replacement for Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery OP4050A OP4026 for Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Power Tools Battery OP40601 OP4026A OP40401 OP4030 OP4050 OP4050A OP4015 OP40261 … I don’t think it’s charging because the “charged” light has not come on and it’s been on for several hours. New battery on way. thanks! Thank you thank you thank you! Have you had any luck contacting Ryobi or is there a warranty on these batteries? I really need to get this battery going, again! Use a DC power supply set at the same voltage as the battery and connect the positive output to the positive battery terminal and the negative output to the negative battery terminal. Thank you so much. Yes, they are! Any ideas? 40V 6.0AH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY. Posted by 5 months ago. I would think that it is most likely a charger fault…. Thanks for the article. What in the world does this mean?? what is a good indicator to recycle this current battery and purchase a replacement? This time it did not work. It really isnt advisable to replace these. $28.15. Hi Bill, if your batteries are too hot or cold then they may not take charge until the temperature normalizes. Free shipping . It went through a complete charge and now I know not to let the battery completely drain. I havent currently got any of the devices here to check how they work at the moment. Can the cells be replaced, making it new again, if this continues to happen? I have the ryobi mower with 2 batteries. Do you have a multimeter to test the battery voltage? ), it shows 4 lights as being fully charged. Dirt on the terminals can be removed with an alcohol soaked wipe. For more info see our disclosure statement. The mower shuts off when turning to the left, as the push bar moves away from the button. Seems like it is charged but its not getting to the battery out put terminal. YOUR WEBSITE JUST SAVED MY BUTT!!! Thanks. 4.6 out of 5 stars 200. I press and hold the “?” Button on my battery, all four lights flash twice, pause, then flash twice again. Like I said its not the batteries. Replacement for Ryobi 40 Volt Lithium Battery/Ryobi 40 Volt Battery OP4050A, Rechargeable Lithium Battery Type, 40V Voltage, 6000 mAh Capacity: Ideal for Ryobi 40V Blowers, Mowers, Weed Eater, Trimmer, and Chain Saws, etc. Which ones? You can purchase individual batteries at our competative prices or save even more by buying them in packs of one or two with a charger. I have a battery ryobi trimmer with attachments. This week, it's blinking red/green on the charger, and showing 30v across the pos/neg terminals. It happened to my sister’s weed eater. I bought a 40v weed eater and charged it last night to full. Any suggestions? I then tried to put it back into the charger and it goes straight to solid green. Unfortunately, if fix 3 isn’t working for you then you may just have a dead battery. My batteries stop functioning after they are only about 60-70$ discharged in my mower, weeder, and edger. Or if I had another charger from a different manufacturer with the correct voltage does anyone know what the electrical connections are inside the battery that need to be connected to. I recently purchased a new Ryobi OP4015 40v battery. If you wait about a minute it will start working again. Hi Vincent, Sorry but I am not sure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ok, have a ryobi hedge trimmer, 40v. I can;t find any info with the code you included – can you provide a model of the battery itself? Any suggestions? Press in the release button all the way and PULL HARD. Continued trying the fix even though the lights were just flashing red & green continuously. Thanks. Still doesn’t make sense logically – but am going with their recommendation to replace battery. Have you tried option 3? Not only did option 3 work for me on my 40V Ryobi but it also worked on my 18V milwaukee red lithium! A problem occurs when you use it till its empty of charge, then let it sit for some months. My Battery is LI-ION 40V 93.6WH OP4026 CS13055D390457. Did you already experience this or are you interested in if I find ? Thanks for letting me know that our fixes worked for you! Put in charger all lights on battery come on, one flashing, and charger green light flashes for a minute then goes solid green—full charge. Aaron, thank you, Fix Option #3 worked like charm for my Ryobi 40V. The new charger didn’t work! I have 3 batteries and it takes all three to do my drive and our elderly neighbors too. I’m not sure of the age. Hi John, it could be a faulty battery? that these cost more than the appliance to replace. If I connect the ground it goes to defective even though the battery has 39 volts. Works with all RYOBI 40-Volt tools and chargers ; 3X more runtime than the RYOBI 40V 2.0 Ah Compact Battery; Fade-free lithium-ion power; On-board fuel gauge displays remaining runtime; … The battery works to start the mower but once you turn the mower off, if you go to restart the mower you have to pull the battery out and reinstall it for it to work? If I’m forced to buy another charger, I’ll have spend more $$ on chargers than the equipment alone. So, Aaron. Thanks. What should the voltage output be between + to – terminals of the battery? But if it is only a year old I would go for a warranty repair/replacement. All of the 4 battery lights blink quickly for 5 times then once for a longer amount of time. I have a 36v 2.6ah Ryobi battery. Do I have a faulty battery?, faulty charger? tools.) Just bought a Ryobi 40v cordless hedger. What is the model number of your charger and battery? But would certainly be interested in hearing about your results if you try it. Runs mower for 15 seconds. I tried option 2 (power supply) to the + and – terminals but no current flows. Hey this is Sam Peters. help. I hooked a multimeter to the battery leads and the voltage slowly drops as the battery slowly drains itself. This method should only be used if you don’t have a spare battery or power supply as per option 1. When not under load the battery reads 38 volts once again. My OP400 charger repeatedly stops charging after about 15 minutes and all lights go dark. Wondering what it could be? May be the switch, just guessing. If they can’t be cleaned up sufficiently then you should replace the battery. Aaron any idea on a Ryobi 40v hedge trimmer when the battery shows fully charged but the trimmer does nothing at all? Other options New from CDN$ 168.10. I have, however, a different problem. Do I need to do this for a longer period of time? Now a week later when the battery is placed in the charger the light stays solid green and never flashes. I have an Ryobi 40 volt string trimmer that is 5 years .code CS1305. Battery Entered Sleep Mode The most common cause for your Ryobi 40V Charger showing flashing red and green lights is that the battery has been over-discharged. Hey Aaron, My spare battery functions normally in the trimmer and chars fine. After I put the battery in, it was still flashing red lihgt and not charging. I’m also unable to use it. Thanks. It is most likely a battery that needs replacing. I have a couple of these batteries that are faulty. Thankx for the help. 40v fuel gage says the battery is full. On February 26, 2013, over 50,000 Ryobi power tool battery packs were recalled for a similar risk. Be sure to tell me your model numbers of your batteries/chargers etc so I can give the most relevant advice. Its probably a dead battery. Each time I get 30 seconds before it shuts off. What can be done? I havent tried this. It’s only about 3 years old. . Hi! I just finished swapping a good board onto the good cells, but the voltage at the contacts is only slowly creeping up, and when a load is applied it drops right off. I have a brand new battery – never been charged since original purchase at HD on a blower. Praise the Lord! I have 18 volt Dewalt batteries that I have left in the charger for a few weeks with never a problem. Good luck! Glad it worked! The indicator lights on the battery show depleted charge, but it isn’t completely dead – I used the weed eater briefly, but it had slowed power.

ryobi 40 volt battery defective

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