Buy and sell your used pianos (aka. College Park MD, 20740 Whether you’re looking for a grand piano for chamber music recitals or jazz concert performances, or an upright piano for a school or home setting, we have literally hundreds of options for you to peruse. made of thousands of parts, no two pianos—whether new or used—are exactly alike. Style: Ebony Polish | Year: 1987 Each calculation accesses unique valuation data from your Pianos specific Model, Age and condition criteria. Unless specified, Graves Full Warranty and Lifetime Full Trade-Up is included on every Baldwin piano. Size: 5′ 3″ | Model: GH1 | Serial #: 5414681 Baby grand pianos provide sonorous, concert-quality sound without taking up as much space as grand pianos or concert grand pianos. Before being placed in our showrooms for sale, each of our used baby grand pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process to deliver the highest-quality acoustic piano possible in regard to sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic. Price: $6,700, Size: 5′ 1″ | Model: KG-1C | Serial #: 1232505 Gavin Piano Services Inc. buys and sells a variety of used pianos for fellow piano enthusiasts in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. Find the best value and selection for Used baby Grand Pianos at Stilwell Pianos, Arizona. Nordiska 18C Grand Mahagony polish finish- (Pre-owned) Retail price is $6999, our sales price is $5999. $5,500. second hand pianos) in Singapore in the shortest possible time by reaching the widest targeted audience now with us. Steinway Grand. PianoMart offers an impressive selection of used and second-hand pianos for sale. An Nineteenth century piece made in Dresden, Germany in 1894. The ... All prices in USD. The value of a specific piano model may be determined on the basis of the price shown; however, you must consider the condition and make-ready cost of the instrument in question, plus the popularity of the style and finish in your particular area. A Great price at only $895.00 In our Lexington, KY showroom Call Mike to make an appointment 859.338.0542 Sale Price $895 Final Stimulus Price Drop $495 Taxes and Delivery included may save you lots of headaches and money when purchasing or selling your piano. Grace your home with this all gorgeous polished German antique Grand piano. Grand Piano Cost According To Brand. Jovy Yau. Price: $6,250, Size: 5′ | Model: G80A | Serial #: 865082 A fundamental feature that separates a grand piano from a baby grand piano is size. 9520 Baltimore Avenue Get the peace of mind from knowing your used Steinway is a true Steinway … A … Price: Roughly speaking a used piano which is anything between 15 and 30 years old can cost anything between 35 to 50% less than a new grand. Whats the difference between a grand and baby grand piano? All grand pianos are manufactured in Japan. With our comprehensive piano search feature, you can filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Under $2,000.00: Same as above, but with a more attractive cabinet. Price: $6,300, Size: 5′ 1″ | Model: SG-155 | Serial #: IMAG0371 View our selection of reconditioned, used baby grand pianos ranging in length from 5′ to 5′ 6″ and in price from $3,500 to $16,500 by brands like Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, and Weber. Get Directions Price: $5,300, Size: 5′ | Model: Baby Grand | Serial #: 78318 Price: $7,250, Size: 5′ | Model: WG-50 | Serial #: G072804 Style: Bubinga Polish | Year: Unknown Style: Ivory Polish | Year: 1992 Valued at R200 000. A cheap grand piano plays much differently than a high-quality one. Our used grand piano and concert grand piano prices range from $4,600 to $38,500. Since a piano is Numerous In-Demand Used Piano Brands. For the best advice when it comes to buying or selling a piano, consult a qualified piano, Monday – Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm Used Piano Inventory. RETAIL PRICES of NEW GRAND PIANOS 1985 - 1995 - 2005. A baby grand piano is built to be shorter than 5 feet in length. Chermaine Yeo . 480.207.6645 0 items - $ 0.00 / Checkout. Their most popular concert grand piano costs roughly $171,000. Young Chang Baby Grand. Grand piano prices can, depending on the model, be as low as $99 for the “grand” keyboard; a used classic model, on the other hand, can have the spectacular grand piano price of $148,000! Used, in good condition - some are worth more than original price. We also offer you top-quality used Baldwin grand pianos, used Baldwin upright pianos, including restored Baldwin pianos. technician. City: Zuid-Beijerland Country: Netherlands Business account / Verified seller We sell both uprights and grands. We also offer you top-quality used Steinway grand pianos, used Baldwin pianos, used Yamaha pianos, Kawai pianos, and used … Style: Walnut Satin | Year: 1981 hear things in a piano that you would have no knowledge of. Style: French Provincial Cherry | Year: 2003 Dimensions: L-200cm, W-150cm, H-102cm. $24,000. Style: Ebony Polish | Year: 1986 6. We offer pianos from all price ranges at different times of the year. These brand names listed here accounted for over 95% of all Grand Pianos sold in the United States during the last 35 years. Graves Certified Used Grand Pianos. you, you will get an honest and qualified opinion of the condition of the piano. $ 9,990.00 $ 11,990.00. 877-635-1699 PianoMart’s grand piano inventory includes hundreds of pianos for sale from numerous manufacturers, from Baldwin and Kawai to Steinway and Yamaha. The important word here is average. If you are interested in a spinet, console, studio or professional upright vertical piano, or considering a used grand piano, we have a huge inventory of quality instruments that are fully guaranteed. In short, when averaging out the 9 most popular Steinway models made in New York, we come to the average price of $75,777 . Get Affordable Used Piano Price With The Largest Selection in Malaysia. 7. At this price point you would expect the piano to be at least thirty years old. Asahi U1-AS $1,000. Style: Ebony Satin | Year: 1973 Choose from brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha, and others. Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm, © Copyright 2020, Piano Man Superstore, College Park, Maryland | Website Design by. Certified Pre-owned pianos direct from the New York Factory. The prices are ballpark figures stated in U.S. Contact Style: Blonde | Year: 1980 ... Yamaha Grand Piano $12,000. A piano technician cannot give you the precise value of a piano over the phone. $1200. Directory of Used Piano Prices. Each Australian Piano Warehouse displays between 70-140 quality second hand (used) upright and grand pianos. Comes with Bench. Dollars and are based on market values based on comparisons of used pianos, advertised on the web by technicians, private parties, music stores teachers, auctions and liquidations. They offer excellent entry-level grand pianos for really good prices. ... Sell your used piano or pre-owned piano in the shortest possible time by reaching the widest targeted audience. This section lists the average resale prices for used pianos. Stilwell Pianos ... Used Grand Piano. 5. Graves carries dozens of used Baldwin pianos in every size, style and price point! Purchase a Second hand Piano by Used Piano Dubai & Save Up to 50%. Excellent tone and touch! Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Certified Used Piano Used Bechstein B 208 (A 208) 1904, Grand piano Year: 1904 Length: 200 cm. Now available direct from Steinway & Sons — buying a pre-owned Steinway has never been easier. Find your dream grand or baby grand piano online with PianoMart. Grand Piano – Ernst Kaps Grand Piano! These pianos will include new and used pianos from Baldwin, Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, Young Chang, Charles Walter, Kohler & Campbell and many others. A grand model piano will generally be longer than 5 feet in length. To celebrate his retirement, Jasons Music Center is having an inventory reduction sale with prices up to 8 0 % off. Downloading, republication, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited. Directory of Used Piano Prices. Baby grand pianos are ideal for professional and advanced piano players who have space available, because the action supports a more skillful, practiced touch than a petite baby grand piano. 4. Price: $6,600, Size: 5′ 4″ | Model: PD590 | Serial #: G091647 Price: $7,900, Size: 5′ 4″ | Model: GF-62 | Serial #: IW8210 One before delivery and one about 30 days after delivery. Young Chang Console. Baby grand pianos are ideal for professional and advanced piano players who have space available, because the action supports a more skillful, practiced touch than a petite baby grand piano.

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