Both browse and grass are rich in fibre. All except one of the kills were made at night, and hunts occurred more commonly on dark moon nights than when the moon was bright. heey im doing a science project on lions habitats and what they eat! I Like Lion Because it is the KING of all Animals. One documented kill in Botswana saw a pride of twenty-six lions kill an adult elephant cow. hey i love tigers.Anyways i am doing a a report about them isnt that cooollll!!! luv hannah montanta. im at school right now! The female lions hunt the animals for the prides. An average lion in the wild eats around 10 and 25 pounds (4.5 and 11 kg) of food per day. The elephant is one of the most amazing animals. But primarily they eat animals that are about their own size or bigger. Lions are the rhinos natural predator and even they rarely attack adults. Elephants are very powerful and weigh a heck of a lot more than a lion, also the skin of an elephant is very tough. Wildebeest rank at the top of peferred prey (making nearly half of the lion prey in the Serengeti) followed by zebra. Most populations of lions are found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. But they are also poor. males actually have a harder life than females. Yes, but only if it is a baby, sick, or elderly. There was a close resemblance between the methods that the lions used to hunt elephants and the technique commonly used to hunt buffalo. Download Free best Windows antivirus software, HowTo: Crack a Windows 7 / XP or Vista Password With Ophcrack Live CD, Parvathy Omanakuttan – First Runnerup at Miss World Contest 2008, Howto Install Windows XP On a USB Flash Or Pen Drive, Shahrukh khan’s Son Aryan And Daughter Suhana Khan’s Pic / Photo. The frightened pray stampedes right into the first group of lions . 24 Amazing footage: Lions Eat Elephant Alive . Fat. they have to provide food for themselves and their cubs. Lions usually prey the newborn and younger elephants, however, they also sometimes capture the adult individuals. Most adult hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, elephants, and smaller gazelles, impala, and other agile antelopes are generally excluded. This disturbing video of a young elephant calf being eaten alive by lions was filmed in Botswana. It is the only cat with a mane. the average male lion rarely lives for twelve years in the wild, while females typically live for fifteen years in the wild. Do lions LICK the skin off there prey while they are still alive? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? An average lion in the wild eats around 10 and 25 pounds (4.5 and 11 kg) of food per day. Lions What do Lions Eat? plz help!! Lions What do Lions Eat? Elephants do not eat giraffes because elephants do not eat meat. Elephant don't eat a meat, they are herbivorous animals. I am thrilled after reading it. The prey consists mainly of large mammals such as wildebeest, impalas, zebras, buffalo, and warthogs in Africa and nilgai, wild boar, and several deer species in India. The enemies of lions include elephants, buffalo and hyena. they get aggressive to protect their cubs,( nomads kill the cubs in order for their genes to go on but sometimes cubs are spared)and attack a little. The a is said like clicking your tongue. Lions Eat Elephant Alive. A lioness is a female lion. This disturbing video of a young elephant calf being eaten alive by lions was filmed in Botswana. because he is the king & he can make everyboody for he,s service, hi let me tell you why because he,s the king to the jungle > & acttuly he,s female more quick then him & she can kill if she,s not hungry but he can,t > this mean always she can prapare the food for him. Information about Lion including lion pictures, lion pics, lion images, lion facts, and their eating habits. How did the rastafarian culture come to South Africa? To kill an elephant, the whole pride of lions usually take part in the task. They also feed on the carrion and kills made by other animals. I bought the DVD and the book. Usually, lions ignore hyenas, if they behave non-aggressively. i am doing a speech on lions can any1 do it for me pls??? If a lion jumped onto an elephant the elephant would grab it with his trunk, throw it to the ground and then likely trample it to death. This disturbing video of a young elephant calf being eaten alive by lions was filmed in Botswana. Answer. Lions hunts many animals, for example, gnus (wildebeest) and antelopes, and eat a lot of meat. Some of the types of prey they catch include birds, hares, turtles, mice, lizards, wild hogs, wild dogs, antelopes, cheetahs, buffaloes, leopards, crocodiles, baby elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, and even tall giraffes! I love lions but I feel bad for what they Kill but i guess thats just the circle of life. Great pics. Do elephants eat lions? An adult lioness requires an average of about 5 kg (11 lb) of meat per day, a male about 7 kg (15.4 lb). Well, hunting elephants ought to be pretty risky (otherwise, lions would do it all the time, right? Lions hunts many animals, for example, gnus (wildebeest) and antelopes, and eat a lot of meat. Lions do not usually prey on elephants, but an extreme drought had forced this pride to take on nature’s giants. Male lions usually weigh 159 to 180 kilograms (350 to 400 pounds), but they can weigh more. Spotted hyaenas will take calf elephants if they can. The males, being 50% heavier than the females, are especially suited to the task. Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? All Rights Reserved. A lion is the only natural predator of elephants that have enough power to kill such a large animal. it’s a misconception that male lions kill their cubs. Rhino calves are mainly targeted by lions but some weak, injured and old adults have been reportedly killed by the felines. this is not easy. HOW COME A LOT OF THE LIONESS GO HUNTNG MORE THAN THE MALES ARENT THE MALES SUPPOSTLY BE THE MOST MUCLY AND STRONG NOT THE FEMALES, because thy eat meat they cant just get it from a super market they have to hunt to stay alive, I LIKE VERY MUCH OF LION BECAUSE IT IS A KING OF ALL ANIMALS. It is the only cat with a mane. Her name was Ouma. Is an attack like this unusual? Lions hunts many animals, for example, gnus (wildebeest) and antelopes, and eat a lot of meat. To Barry S. Of course there's no man eating elephant. They are highly opportunistic hunters that can catch and eat anything from mice to elephants and everything in between. That is why they used lions. Elephant meat is eaten when it is legal, though. Each pride has a home area that is called its territory. dnt get tings twisted itz cause da males lazy buh also he fights off other male lions so therfore the female hunts the food. Then there was no turning back. when a male lion is 3 years old, he is kicked out of his pride, and he has to take over another pride by either killing that pride’s male or forcing him to abandon his pride. Whenever we came across elephant poo, the lions would roll around in it and eat it. Do lions eat elephants? Stories, advice, and random thoughts from a thirty-something guy. They can hunt About 40 percent of their diet includes scavenged animal bodies. lions have to kill animals because they want to live. coz males mane don’t allow camouflage and male are built so strength not agility and speed.while females are gone males look after the cubs and protect the pride.when females are away nomadic males have a bigger chance of capturing the pride.although females typically don’t fight the nomads coz they don stand a chance. The dry season has always been a desperate time for wildlife in northern Botswana. Extensive statistics collected over various studies show that lions normally feed on mammals in the range 190–550 kg (420–1210 lb). There are also photographs of adult elephants stomping on lions and killing them in defence.

do lions eat elephants

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