At The Home Depot, the cost of carpet installation is FREE on purchases of $699 or more. Polyester Fiber, 2 Weights Available12' WideCut Pile Surface60% SmartStrand SilkBCF Triexta /40% P.E.T. = $13.14/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Mohawk Sweet Impressions Price$1.46/sq.ft. = $19.35/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide55oz Solution DyedBCF Polyester Fiber, Phenix Blessed Price$2.16/sq.ft. Cut Pile Surface Mohawk's revolutionary SmartStrand carpet fiber now features ", $1.45 sf Bound Carpet Rug with 12 reviews. Polyester Fiber, Southwind Orion Price$2.17/sq.ft. The cost to install carpet depends on three factors: the carpet, padding, and the labor. = $15.93/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide Plush100% SmartStrand BCFTriexta Fiber, Phenix Capstone Price$1.80/sq.ft. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Light Show Carpet, Southwind Light Show Price$2.03/sq.ft. = $17.28/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Creekside II Price$2.00/sq.ft. Call 800-772-7090 with all of your Home Carpet needs. Available in different colors and designs, these PVC carpet find application as foot mats and full mattings in cars. = $10.71/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' WideCut Uncut Surface100% Everstrand BCFP.E.T. Contrary to popular opinion, even people with allergies can enjoy carpet. = $16.29/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Ridgeview Price$1.82/sq.ft. Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Dream Weaver Common Ground Price$1.40/sq.ft. = $26.64/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix River North Price$3.02/sq.ft. We offer Free 3D design service, helping you to visualize your empty spaces with Carpet Tiles. 12' Wide = $15.93/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Mohawk Design Portrait Price$1.77/sq.ft. Commercial Strip Carpet Tile 39.37 x 9.84 inch Heavy Duty Washable Carpet Floor Tile Non Slip Thick PVC Backed Carpet Tile for Indoor Home Office Apply - 12 Tiles Per Carton 4.2 out of 5 stars 12 $82.99 Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Phenix Elemental Price$2.00/sq.ft. ... Shop by carpet price. = $30.51/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Ventura Blvd Price$3.47/sq.ft. Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Phenix First Light Price$1.37/sq.ft. | Since Berber carpets remain uncut, they’re easier and more economical to manufacture. = $24.75/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Mohawk Exquisite Accent Price$2.80/sq.ft. Available in 6 Colors, Southwind Cambridge Price$1.20/sq.ft. Carpet tiles can be easier to install and maintain than rolled carpet, offer versatile design options and can be highly stain resistant. Our modular system helps customers create beautiful interior spaces which positively impact … = $12.87/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide32oz Solution DyedBCF Polyester Fiber, Dream Weaver Pinpoint Price$1.43/sq.ft. Loop Pile Surface = $10.89/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, We Make Custom Size Rugs Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial ProtectionCut Uncut Surface, Dream Weaver Glorious Price$2.46/sq.ft. There are several styles to consider when it comes to choosing carpet for your home. Polyester FiberCut Uncut SurfaceMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Phenix Memoir Price$1.53/sq.ft. Here, a nylon … = $19.89/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Ryman Price$2.24/sq.ft. = $18.00/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Linea Price$2.00/sq.ft. = $13.59/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Memento Price$1.53/sq.ft. = $13.14/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Dream Weaver Star Struck Price$1.46/sq.ft. Polyester Fiber, Phenix Tempt Price$1.47/sq.ft. There seems to be a range of supporting choices with diversity in material, acoustic, comfort, and price qualities. 13' 6" Wide Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Dream Weaver Montauk Price$2.30/sq.ft. = $26.19/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide Plush100% Solution Dyed SureSoftP.E.T. = $19.80/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Deja vu Price$2.21/sq.ft. We will continue to service our customers via PHONE and EMAIL, Browse Our Residential Carpet By Category, Request Cheap Wholesale / Discount Carpet Price Quote, All Content Copyright of Caldwell Carpet, Inc. 1974 - 2020, Please NOTE that Image Colors Will Vary on Different Computers, If you order carpet without seeing a sample, we will not be responsible for Color Variations. Polyester Fiber, Mohawk Exquisite Character Price$3.39/sq.ft. All Area Rugs & Carpet Tiles Build your space from the FLOR up, build your perfect area rug, throw rug, or accent rug in any style, size or color from our selection of modern carpet tiles. = $13.59/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, We Make Custom Size Rugs Nylon carpet is our most popular choice, but polyester also offers a … = $19.53/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Lavish Price$2.17/sq.ft. = $8.73/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide100% Solution Dyed SureSoftSDP.E.T. = $11.97/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Aurora Price$1.34/sq.ft. Carpet Tile collection by Harrington. = $19.44/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Southwind Capricorn Price$2.17/sq.ft. = $14.58/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide35oz Solution DyedBCF Polyester Fiber, Phenix Goals Price$1.64/sq.ft. Store Finder = $18.00/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Patriot Mills Royalty Price$2.00/sq.ft. Polyester Fiber, Dream Weaver Modern Edge Price$1.30/sq.ft. $11.61 sy, $1.79 sf = $16.56/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Dream Weaver Rock Solid I 45oz Price$1.86/sq.ft. Polyester Fiber, 12' WideCut Pile Surface50% SmartStrand UltraBCF Triexta /50% P.E.T. Copyright © 2020 Polyester Fiber, Phenix Frill Price$2.17/sq.ft. = $14.04/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' WideCut Uncut Surface100% Wear-Dated Soft TouchNylon Fiber, Phenix Chandler Bay Price$1.59/sq.ft. = $16.20/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' WideLoop Pile Surface80% EverStrand P.E.T. = $15.84/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Mohawk Tonal Allure Price$1.76/sq.ft. = $14.76/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Solstice Price$1.67/sq.ft. Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Phenix Gleam Price$2.96/sq.ft. The alluring mélange of the enchanting valley of Kashmir is inseparable from the exquisite workmanship of handmade, hand-knotted carpets and rugs that are available in an astonishing collection of diverse colors, designs, and sizes, hence we have the largest collection from carpets of Kashmir. = $19.89/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide100% StainmasterPet Protect Nylon FiberCut Uncut Surface, Phenix Resourceful Price$2.21/sq.ft. Loop Pile Surface Polyester BCF Fiber, Dream Weaver Metropolitan Price$1.77/sq.ft. Send us the colors, shape, and size you desire, and we will design the carpet to your liking! Available in 5 Colors, Phenix Touchstone Price$1.51/sq.ft. The company has emerged as a leader in the online carpet marketplace. = $22.14/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Chic Stria Price$1.87/sq.ft. = $10.89/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide38oz Solution DyedSureSoftSD Polyester FiberMicroban Antimicrobial Protection, Southwind Sisal Coir Price$1.21/sq.ft. = $10.80/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, We Make Custom Size Rugs Mohawk offers a huge selection of award-winning mohawk commercial carpet and residential carpet. In this way, the physical elements of the wall-to-wall carpet can be integrated to fulfill any design objectives. 4/4675, Taiyebi Mohallah, Begampura, Surat - 395003, Dist. Mohawk Design Inspiration Price $2.11/sq.ft. = $28.17/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide100% Stainmaster BCFNylon 6, 6 Fiber, Phenix Vibrations Price$3.16/sq.ft. = $17.19/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, We Make Custom Size Rugs Polyester Fiber, Dream Weaver Can't Miss Price$2.02/sq.ft. = $16.47/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Phenix Medal Winner Price$1.83/sq.ft. $32.31 sy, $1.29 sf The carpet types featured below are residential carpet styles that have been selected for quality and value. Our carpet stickers are a flat vinyl material and don’t have any texture or 3D aspect to them. = $11.70/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide25oz Solution DyedBCF Polyester Fiber, Patriot Mills Bishops Court Price$1.33/sq.ft. Graceful Manner. = $10.71/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Southwind Callaway Price$1.20/sq.ft. = $27.18/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide100% Stainmaster TactesseBCF Nylon Fiber, Mohawk Glamorous Touch Price$3.13/sq.ft. Create a rug that is as unique as you are. Caldwell Carpet has Residential Carpet available at Wholesale / Discount Carpet Prices. = $11.43/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide32oz Solution DyedSoft P.E.T. | = $15.30/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, Mohawk Homefront II Price$2.10/sq.ft. Model #MPDLN410144L. = $16.47/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide100% SureSoftP.E.T. Instantly update any room in your home with attractive carpet from Menards®! Shop carpets by size. = $8.28/sq.yd.Quantity Discounts Available, 12' Wide24oz Solution DyedBCF Polyester Fiber, Dream Weaver Pikes Peak Price$0.92/sq.ft.

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