One summer of neglect can leave your beautiful wood-trimmed cabin moldy and cost you a great deal of money to restore. A catchy feature in this unit is its ability to cover up to 2,200 cubic square feet. Below the unit is a water reservoir tank, which can hold up a whopping 2 litres of water, covering you for at least three days of dehumidifying. This type of humidifier employs a different mechanism of operation through which it removes moisture out from the air. When done, empty the vacuum canister and discard the bag, as keeping it round would risk the further spread of mould around the home. The dry air is then free to exit the machine. Many Frequent users have voiced displeasure over the growth of mold and mildew in their boats due to moisture, hence the need for the best dehumidifiers for boats. It would be pointless to purchase a really small dehumidifier for a boat with a large-sized cabin, wouldn’t it? … It will make sure you know what’s out there to ensure you have some basis before you make your final decision. It employs the Peltier technology also that guarantees ultra-quietness while the unit is in operation, effortlessly blending into the background. Protect your watercraft (and your nose) with boat dehumidifiers products from Wholesale Marine. 24. It is specially built for small enclosed areas like basements and boats, being barely small and portable in size, with a relatively lightweight of just 4.85 pounds. The downside to using this device is its requiring power supply to run, though it consumes very little. The uniqueness of these spaces versus a home is that many times there is no power available and they may sit unused for months at a time. The unit is pretty small in size, spanning about 8.5 inches off the ground and 5.3 inches in width, giving it a tiny footprint and portability that allows smooth movements around the needed area, which in this case a boat, depending on the choice of the user. Iron Gate Storage. Desiccant dehumidifier A more modern method is known as the desiccant dehumidifier. These units give the entire control of relative humidity in the air present inside the boats. Sure this might be a little small for yacht level size, but is perfect for boasts, and would do a great job regardless of where it is being placed. This process takes about 12 – 14 hours, after which the gels would be thoroughly dried, and ready to be used again. The test products included the Eva-Dry 2000, a … Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Dehumidifiers at the official West Marine online store. In-garage dehumidifiers for car storage - brilliant also for cellars, offices, home, workshops, museums . since the dehumidifiers would spend most of their life primarily on a boat, it is essential that they are able to cope with the demands of being in an environment with a constant rise and replenishment in moisture level. Stay Updated on all that's new and noteworthy. Its build is totally different from the conventional system of drawing in air, and drying the moisture in it before releasing out back to the atmosphere, like we would see in most dehumidifiers today, instead it is more like central moisture absorber, as you just need to place it in an enclosed space, and watch it do what it does best; absorb moisture. If you intend to leave your boat dehumidifier unattended during chilly winter months, a desiccant unit is just the thing you want. Whether it is a large space or a small space, we offer a wide selection of dehumidifiers to suit your specific needs. It absorbs damaging moisture from the air and traps it in silica gel beads. Special Features: wireless, renewable, odourless silica gel, dimensions 5.5 x 2.5 x 8, item weight 1.8 Lb. From small 4’ x 6’ storage units to large 24’ x 30’ storage spaces, we have a wide selection of units to book here at Sheridan Self Storage.
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