Phytophthora root rot may result from soggy soils. Boxwood is also used as a definer around garden beds and path. Hardy in USDA Zones 5-8. Apply a balanced shrub fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, in early spring, before the shrub begins growth, at a rate of 1 pound for every 100 feet of planting area. The wintergreen plant is a real species possessing its own unique sweet-spicy flavor distinct from mint or cinnamon. Winter gem boxwood is a cultivar of littleleaf boxwood (Buxus microphylla), native to the eastern coast of Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan). Color: Green foliage. Water regularly until well-established, traditionally around 3 months. Remember to water and mulch properly for a long-lived, vigorous specimen. Wintergreen Boxwood is an excellent alternative for those who love boxwood but live in places where English boxwood is not hardy. These shrubs are fantastic for shaping, but if you would like to have a specific shape, do so in the first few years of growth. She previously worked as a technical writer for a software development company, creating software documentation, help documents and training curriculum. Deer and rabbit resistant. The Wintergreen Boxwood, Buxus microphylla, is regularly seen as a low growing boxwood hedge or as a border defining the edges of both informal and formal gardens. Just like you care for your boxwoods in summer, care of boxwoods in winter is paramount. Growing boxwoods should have a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch extending 12 inches past the foliage. Aside from watering and mulching, growing boxwood is a low maintenance task, unless you wish to keep them as a sheared hedge. Spray shrubs infested with leaf miner with an insecticide, once the larvae have hatched. Asiatic boxwoods tend to have finer leaves and more of a dwarf form when compared to common boxwood. Jennifer Loucks has been writing since 1998. Resists Boxwood Blight- Extremely Disease Resistant • Very Easy to Grow- Low Maintenance and Disease Resistant • Compact and Dense Boxwoods Keep their Shape • Extremely Adaptable- They Grow Almost Anywhere! Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! At maturity it will reach between 2-4 feet in height and 3-5 feet in width. Tough, hardy and easy to grow, this Boxwood provides color year-round, as well as form, texture and contrast to its companion plants. Care: NewGen Freedom® should be pruned each year in late winter to early spring. Pruning Wintergreen boxwood should be done after the new growth appears in the spring to keep desirable shape and size. With an ultimate height of 4-8 3-6' and a spread of 4-5', this shrub forms graceful short hedges. Prune the plant tips minimally the following years only to maintain the desired shape. It is best to test the soil before planting boxwood. Older boxwood care will include thinning limbs to allow sunshine to reach the inner foliage. The Wintergreen Boxwood is a slow growing shrub. NewGen Freedom® is very resistant to Boxwood Leafminer and shoes good resistance to Boxwood Blight. Plant Care Resource Center ; Call to Order! Spray shrubs with signs of spider mites with water to remove the pests, several times a week, until the problem is eliminated. The boxwood leaf miner is the most common pest one must deal with when caring for boxwoods. Yearly soil tests can determine if the soil pH for the boxwood is correct. 1. Popular boxwood varieties to consider are 'Wintergreen' and 'Wintergem'. Until established, after about two years, boxwoods will need at least weekly watering. The 'Wintergreen' variety is more likely to retain it's vibrant color winter in cold northern climates. Planting & Care. Remove dead or diseased branches as they appear on the plant. Soil disturbances such as ... Buxus microphylla ‘Wintergreen’ grows to 4 feet tall with a spread to 6 feet. Prune "Wintergreen" boxwood after the spring flush of growth. The boxwood leaf miner is the most common pest one must deal with when caring for boxwoods. Boxwood thrives best in well-drained soil with a full or partial sun location for its optimum growth. As slow-growing landscape, boxwoods are valuable plants, and consequently they are expensive. Spray boxwoods infested with psyllids with an insecticide in spring to control damage from the adult insect. Plant in … Get your own Wintergreen Boxwood today! Prefers sun-dappled part shade and moist, sandy loams with a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline pH. By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden. Loucks also trains for full marathons, half-marathons and shorter distance running. This dense shrub reaches a mature height and width up to 4 feet when grown in a sunny or partially shaded area. When planting boxwood, consider your year round climate. Boxwood plants (Buxus) are dense, evergreen shrubs often planted in elegant and formal landscapes.
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