Now, 60 years later, poinsettias rule when it comes to holiday plants. At this point, you should bring the plant back in front of your brightest window and continue your watering/fertilizing schedule through September. Mar 13, 2020 4:24am In Australia, the pots of poinsettia we buy at Christmas are actually forced to flower at this time. Plant it directly into your garden or Give it a good trimming, into a nice rounded shape. At 8 a.m., you'll place the plant back in a sunny window and continue watering and fertilizing. They are native to Mexican forests. It's just weeks before Christmas when Ellie, gets a call to return home to help her father on the family's poinsettia farm. In their native Mexico, poinsettias bloom naturally during winter … Everyone loves colorful poinsettias during the holiday season, but once the holidays have passed, even if you have kept your plant alive, it won’t bloom again the following December. Order Nowfor FREE delivery Tomorrow. Outside, it will need to grow in a semi-shady location. Keep it safe in a partially shady location as you continue to water and maintain your two-week fertilizing schedule. When you purchase your plants during the cold holiday season, make sure that they are wrapped up well to prevent them from getting chilled. They have always been red and green, but it wasn't until the 1950s that growers bred poinsettias to fit in pots to be sold in stores." For best results, place the box over your plant at 5 pm (or whenever you return from work) and leave it there until 8 am (or whenever you leave for work) every day until color begins to show in the bracts when you remove the box in the morning. Once you have arrived home with your wrapped plants home, unwrap them immediately. Start your seeds in the spring, but don't expect any flowers until the second Christmas after you plant them. In late February or early March, prune your plant back to 4- to 6-inches leaving between one and three leaves on each stem. This tropical plant loves heat and humidity – but not too much! Caren White (author) on November 08, 2017: Linda, I have the same problem! Care: Plant the bulbs in the fall or buy pre-planted container Amaryllis flowers. "Today, almost everyone thinks of poinsettias around Christmas. One of the most popular festive plants, our red Christmas Poinsettias are available from start of December with free next day delivery. You have gotten your Christmas poinsettias safely through the long, cold winter without over or under watering and have avoided cold drafts and hot heaters. Poinsettias also prefer moist soil but not wet or damp since these can cause root rot. It cannot be exposed to any kind of light such street lights, car headlights, TV’s, computer screens or even light under the door. Count back ten weeks from the date that you want your poinsettia to begin blooming, usually the end of September or beginning of October for an early to mid-December blooming. After two weeks, move the plant to a cool area of around 60 degrees. It all started with an immigrant from Germany named Albert Ecke. The family business is on the line to deliver tens of thousands of plants for the town's annual parade. Water only when the soil feels dry. The legend tells of a young girl named Pepita or Maria who was so poor that she couldn’t afford to buy a gift to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. From about September through November light becomes crucial in poinsettia plant care. The plants are very sensitive to cold. Native to Mexico and Central America Poinsettias were considered by the Aztecs to be a symbol of purity and used them for dye and in medicines. The rest is history. After new growth has reached between 6 to 10 inches, pinch out the tips to encourage branching. Continue the biweekly fertilization schedule. Send a stunning Christmas plant to your loved ones, no matter where in the UK they live. Poinsettias are shade lovers. The plant needs about 10 weeks of no more than eight hours of daylight to begin bringing forth red-blossom “leaves.” So around October 1st, start making sure your plant is in a dark place from, say, 4pm to 8am or whatever best fits your schedule. Purchase a poinsetta plant in December this year and then follow my instructions to make it bloom again next year. June 1: Move the potted plant outdoors to a partially shaded location when temperatures stay above 60 degrees. To achieve colour for Christmas in the southern hemisphere, plants are grown in light- and temperature-controlled glasshouses to trick them into thinking it’s winter, not summer. The large red bracts of poinsettias are often mistaken for flowers but they are actually leaves. Each day, you will have to keep your plant in complete darkness from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Closets are the first thing we think of, but will not work if you plan to open or close those closet doors during their darkness period. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are popular potted plants, particularly during the Christmas season. Making sure poinsettias are displaying their distinctive red leaves when they hit the shelves requires careful control of their light and temperature. Commercial greenhouses achieve this using opaque shade cloths to cover their plants at night. During the holidays and throughout the winter, keep your plant in a sunny window. Poinsettias are always popular at Christmas so we like to ensure we have a great range of strong British Grown plants for the festive season.