Place the Black & Decker hedge trimmer in a vise on a work surface with the blades facing up. When the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, gaseous fumes are released and pushed back out of the engine. Overloaded and overheated. I got this for my mom who has trouble using gas pulley mowers/trimmers. I had a black and decker trimmer before, and did some heavy trimming with it, and once they start smoking that means the electric motor is burning out, and its not fixable even at a black a decker dealer, personally after my problem I simply bought a new craftsman four stroke machine. The 16-inch rust-resistant steel blade is pre-hardened to stay sharp longer and provide cleaner cuts; the trimmer provides 3300 cutting strokes per minute and can sever stems and branches up to 3/8-inch thick. 877-346-4814. (This is especially true of gas-powered models). Vintage Hedge Trimmers. In general, the smoke you’re observing from your hedge trimmer will either be: The biggest difference between these two types of smoke is that black smoke will pretty much only be coming from a gas-powered engine, while white smoke can be from either. (max 2 MiB). Product recommendations not personally owned are based on the author’s knowledge of the company, product, reliability, and reputation. He takes a practical approach to yard improvement and enjoys putting best practices and “golden rules of lawn care” to the test. The three most common causes of black smoke in a gas-powered hedge trimmer are: You’ll need to examine your hedge trimmer first to identify the issue and determine how you’ll fix it. Understanding the similarities and differences between these types of hedge trimmers will help you narrow down what kind of problem you’re dealing with if your hedge trimmer starting emitting smoke. Because you didn't provide the model it isn't possible to give you a more specific reason why it has failed. One of the biggest clues you’ll have is the color of the smoke itself, which is usually either white or black. Without opening it up, all answers will be pure speculation. Inspect the blades to see if there's any branches stuck. 80 HH2455 trimmer pdf manual download. Diagnosing a hedge trimmer is accomplished by following simple steps. Dual- action Blade for up to 40% less vibration than single action blades. Sometimes a motor will survive a little overheating, but if you keep asking the motor to do more than it can handle, you'll eventually burn off enough insulation to cause a direct short, and a dead motor. Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer parts that fit, straight from the manufacturer. .. Click here to upload your image $140.94 $ 140. It will probably be square in your case, but this is what they look like. Broken wood can be sheared; larger branches can be pulled out manually. The 24-inch pre-hardened, rust-resistant steel cutting blades can cut branches up to 3/4-inch thick and hold their sharpness for a long time. HomeMade Vs Commercial Gas-Oil Mix. No matter what type of hedge trimmer you’re using or what type of smoke you see, the first thing you should do when yours start to smoke is to turn it off right away. It has a 4.0 amp motor that allows you to cut up to 3/4" thick - and up to 1.5 in. I have cleaned the brushes and contacts with no results. Because you didn't provide the model it isn't possible to give you a more specific reason why it has failed. Easily go from edging the lawn to trimming hedges, and use the pole to reach higher branches and shrubs. I did have a little trouble with the thicker stems, so I would swing the trimmer at the stems while cutting, which helped. Hedge trimmers come with either single- or double-sided teeth on the blades. BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch (BEHT350FF) 4.7 out of 5 stars 823. That excess energy will start to burn the material that makes up your hedge trimmer’s casing, which usually includes some kind of plastic. thick with the addition of the SAWBLADE. Also, make sure to get rid of any of the old fuel mixture, as it can’t be salvaged for further use. Gas-powered hedge trimmers work similarly to other power tools that use gasoline as fuel (source). Especially if you trim back particularly thick growth in your bushes, the blades can easily lock up due to collected debris. Unlike corporate website companies, the authors on this website regularly use many of the tips and recommendations provided in their own garden and lawncare. This process helps keep the engine from getting too hot, but if there are any chemical changes to the fuel mixture burned in the combustion chamber, the fumes that are produced and expelled from the engine will be affected. Sort By Featured. This trimmer comes fully assembled and ready to use. This is my first time edging so it is tough to edge. GENERAL . The most common causes of excess friction are: In the first case, all you’ll need to do is lubricate the blades and/or motor with a compatible oil for your model hedge trimmer. In any case, a common issue many people face with hedge trimmers is unexplained smoke dispersing from the main body. those are replaceable and, I would say the unit needs to be fairly old for the brushes to go (ie less than 3 months with heavy usage). Crabgrass is an annoying, creeping, annual grass that can quickly invade lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. Black and Decker ; FAQs FAQs. Amazon has put together some great Home Holiday Guide Deals - save money and get your holiday shopping done! Black And Decker Hedge Trimmer. POWERCUT™ Hedge Trimmer This agile cordless trimmer with POWERCUT™ is ideal for tough hedges and shrubs. Use our troubleshooting guide and you’ll see step-by-step directions to get your hedge trimmer back on track. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer With cordless hedge trimmers, you’ll need to consider another potential cause of white smoke: an issue with the connection between the battery and the hedge trimmer’s motor. Why would it overheat? This item is sold individually. This site is a participant in affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates and earns from qualifying purchases. Comment Report abuse. It has a 3.2 amp motor for trimming branches up to 5/8 in. This compact, convenient device can help boost most cars and trucks batteries safely from inside your vehicle through DC accessory outlet. Remember - dont open the unit if its still under warranty! … As a result, your battery will start sending excess electrical power directly into the motor or other parts of the engine. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 4. Outdoor Tools (4) View More View Less × Hedgetrimmers (6) Sort By. A Strimmer® is great for trimming tall grass, tidying lawn borders and tackling overgrowth. Black + Decker LHT2436 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer. EUR 25.32 postage. Strimmer® Grass Trimmers. Black and Decker ; FAQs FAQs. Gas-powered: Husqvarna 21.7cc 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer (Link to Amazon), Battery-powered: Greenworks Pro 80V 24-Inch Brushless Hedge Trimmer (Link to Amazon), Paul has a two-acre yard on red clay soil in Southeast Texas. However, a day later after cutting for a while and just very minimal swinging, the trimmer was like dying out. Not even 2 minutes later the trimmer was dying again and there was white smoke coming out of the hedge trimmer itself. Buy It Now +C $52.84 shipping. The YARDMASTER™ 20V MAX* Interchangeable System is One Solution for Your Yardwork™. Power Type . Hedge Trimmer from Walmart Canada. Be Part Of MyBLACK+DECKER . Once you determine that there is an issue with your hedge trimmer, it's possible to diagnose what's causing the problem. One of the most common problems with an electric hedge trimmer is jammed blades. This category contains a US FAQs collection. My opinion is that when you were having difficulty cutting larger stems, the motor was overworked and this is what led to the failure. :( Read more. What are some of the most reviewed BLACK+DECKER cordless hedge trimmers?