An average January day in Ireland lasts approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes. The 10 Best Irish Pubs You Need to Visit in Cork. Though it’s only September, autumn arrives in a hurry, and in my opinion, this is the best time to visit Ireland. Here’s some more advice: Keep an eye on the 10-day weather forecast so you have an idea of what weather to expect; Pack for warm dry weather and rain… definitely pack for rain; Layers are your friends in Ireland. Things not to miss – Dublin’s yearly Fringe Festival, along with a multitude of harvest-themed gatherings like the National Ploughing Championships and the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) will take place, with sun alignments occurring over Loughcrew (a megalithic structure). This May festival offers food and cooking demonstrations, meet and greets with local food producers who keep their farming local, and of course, sampling some of the freshest, Ireland-produced food around. A few things to remember when visiting Ireland in January: Days are shorter. The weather in Ireland in June is quite fabulous, as are the rest of the summer months. We have just had a month of wind and rain after a couple of glorious weeks in April, then the last two days have been Cloud and wind less. St. Patrick's Day is one of the most important holidays for Irish. Best Guided Tour of Ireland in Summer hi lads just have found some but not very much details on them anyone any ideas on which sites are the best for weather Back to top of the page up there ^ MultiQuote; Reply #2 DUBLINFLYER . Spring marks the beginning of cultural events, as with the Six Nations when all rugby fans turn their attention to Ireland. Weather in Ireland by month: an overview of the Irish climate & temperature. The days are sunnier, warmer and less crowded with relatively low rates. Barmbrack . We saw sunny days, but also had a lot of those rainy Ireland overcast days. Temperatures in Ireland are cool from March through May and the weather is unpredictable. West Ireland’s largest city, Galway is best known for its art galleries and shops, most of which are located along the winding lanes and cobblestone streets of the city’s charming medieval quarter. While it might sound a little too chilly for some, the cold weather does have plenty of bonuses! Beware the crowds on December 8th; this is a traditional shopping day where many will head into town for holiday shopping. The mild climate makes every season suitable to visit Ireland. High Ranking; Group: Admin Team; Posts: 15,274; Joined: 8-November 07; Posted 6 May 2008 - 22:26 PM. Forecasts. There will still be rain, but typically less than 20 days of the month. Spring is a perfect season for a … This four-bedroom home, perfectly located just a short stroll away from Rosslare Strand and all its amenities, is on the market for €279,000 (£245,000). weather in Ireland best website Rate Topic: #1 just ask me . Well, it rains sometimes in Ireland but long showers are quite rare. Art Cork’s Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries. This is when you will find the best weather as noted above, but also crowds. Generally speaking, in summer, airfares, car-rental rates, and hotel prices are highest and crowds at their most intense. While it definitely rains in the Irish capital, it receives a lot less rain than the west coast, with less than 800mm of rain every year. There are a couple of main settlements on the island – Knightstown and Chapeltown, yet less than 800 people call the island home on a permanent basis. With the arrival of October, Ireland officially hits peak fall weather. If you plan to travel to Ireland during this time you absolutely need a packable rain jacket, travel umbrella, and waterproof boots. This year, Cork is hosting the annual folk festival for the 40th year in a row, and it promises to be a seriously good time. For this reason, most self-respecting Irish folk never leave the house without an umbrella and at least a couple of layers. Instead, a trip is only as good as what you make of it; there are always a ton of things to do in any city, no matter the season. The women of Ireland are famed for their dewy complexions, thanks largely to the soft rain which falls on their country all year round. October is another fabulous month to visit Ireland. Report inappropriate content . Daily averages throughout the year range between 42°F and 70°F. From scenery to nightlife the Banner is hard to beat for a number of reasons. That said, Galway hosts an annual festival—the Galway Arts Festival—that is extremely popular and recommended for anyone traveling in the area. It’s not hard to see what makes it so popular. Get the Ireland weather forecast. There’s also the world famous Galway Oyster Festival, which is a fantastic time, see our whole blog post on it here! No matter when you go, expect rain — Ireland doesn't have a reliable dry season, as rainfall is ladled out evenly throughout the year. See & Do Fun Things to Do at Night in Cork, Ireland. Now in its 40th year, the festival sees installations and contributions by musicians, dance companies, theater productions and more. So not only will you get to hear some of the best regional folk music the country has to offer, but the ambiance and setting will complement the tunes just as nicely. Tourism is also big business, in addition to roles in property management and holiday lettings. Perhaps it’s ancestral pasts for so many American’s that draw people to Ireland. It happens annually in County Kerry and centers around celebrating a puck goat – a giggle-worthy concept; long story short, a goat happened to warn villagers of impending Cromwell raids – but you’ll have fun! Located in County Donegal, this is the most northernmost point of Ireland and has some wild... Spring in Ireland. Days are longest overall, with 16 hours of daylight on average in July — compare that to about 7 1/2 in December. A visit to Ireland in the summer is very different from a trip in the winter. This typically totals 1,598 hours of sun per year, and 4.38 hours per day. This super stylish, two-bedroom flat is in Dalkey, just 15 kilometres or so from downtown Dublin. Located in Valentia Island’s Knightstown hub, the property is close to the island’s major amenities including the marina, ferry, pubs and restaurants. Especially the steady wind often makes the temperatures seem colder than they actually are. There are plenty of events happening around Ireland this month, the most prominent being Samhain (pronounced Sa-wain). If you prefer to avoid the crowds that come with summer travel, this maybe isn’t the month for you. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience and are prepared to venture a little off-track to get there, the Northern Lights are visible between November and February (go to Donegal or Northern Ireland for the optimal location). Summer crowds and accommodation rates drop off. Irish weather is not judged by the month but by the day or at most the week. The Best Time to Visit Ireland for Good Weather Ireland’s weather is changeable, but it’s not extreme. Days are long, the weather warmer and most attractions stay open longer. Some of the information gleaned from that study really shows why people fall in love with the town. The international airport and ferry port grants easy access back to the UK or to elsewhere in Europe and the train station links the city with the rest of Ireland. From surfing in Donegal to sheep shearing in Connemara, quality time together has never been so much fun. The guide will help you to: We handle your data with care and only ever as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Temperatures range from 15°C-21°C. So I’ll break it down month by month! An average January day in Ireland lasts approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes. If there’s one thing Ireland knows how to do, it’s music. As always with Ireland’s cold months, the best clothing options are layers, and opt for outerwear (jacket & boots) that will withstand wet environments. Temperature averages will be much the same as July (including the levels of travelers coming here—brace yourself for higher wait times & crowds), with near-constant full or partial cloud cover. We love getting to off the beaten path destinations and aren’t afraid to go it alone. Here are 10. It is linked to the mainland at the charming village of Portmagee but you can also hop on a car ferry, which operates from April to October. The island is home to its own unique microclimate which attracts plants and wildlife you’d be more familiar with in the likes of South America, Australia and New Zealand, and it’s a bird watchers dream! 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7BA. Architecture The Most Beautiful Buildings in Cork, Ireland. When is the Best Season to Travel Ireland? During these months, tourists flock to Ireland in order to enjoy the mild climate. For the weather alone, many people may say that summer is the best time to go to Ireland. You might never have thought of food as ‘endangered,’ but that’s just the kind of eye-opening information you’ll learn about if you attend! It’s not cold enough for snow to stay in most low lying areas, though the mountains can have snow for many weeks in winter. Some of the most upmarket parts of Dublin are located along the coast, including Bray, Rathfarnham, Churchtown and Blackrock, to name a few. Registered in England No. Temperature-wise, the average temperature in Dublin City ranges from 5ºC in winter, to 16ºC in summer. The Weather and Climate in Ireland. You’ll find locals enjoying the sunny weather and festivals in the countryside and the city. If the mercury should hit 20ºC, expect everyone everywhere to be completely delighted! During summer, you’ll be able to enjoy those long days that we also enjoy in the UK, where twilight doesn’t really hit until 10pm. Depending on the weather, flat ankle boots, boat shoes, or driving mocs are other top recommendations amongst our readers. Das Klima in Irland ist gemäßigt und maßgeblich vom nordatlantischen Strom beeinflusst. 020 7898 0549 If you’re looking for the best things to do in Naxos you’ve come to the place. We knew we had to make the journey to Naxos Island after spending an…, Looking for things to do in Paros? Weather often good: sun and rain in May, often-warm 'Indian summers' in September. Regardless of what the weather has in store, you can bet that droves of people will be occupying bars, pubs, and nightclubs left, right, and center, and you’re in for an absolutely unforgettable experience (especially in the country that invented Guinness). Summer is arguably the best time to visit Ireland. Four seasons in one day, on Ireland’s west coast. Cheapest time to visit Ireland: Winter is low-season in Ireland and is the best time to find a deal on flights, car rentals and accommodation. Welcome to the world, as seen through the eyes of Cameron and Natasha. June, may be the best time for golfing due to weather. This new-build, mid-terrace house offers sea views and is on the market for €199,000 (£175,193). While you do sacrifice the warmer weather – which is a massive draw for many who favor summer travel – you get to experience Ireland at a much more relaxed pace and feel that much more like a local. The Burren Slow Food Festival (May) Galway International Arts Festival (July) Cork Folk Festival (October) When considering the best travel season in Northern Ireland, however, we deliberately recommend the months with the best weather conditions. Co. Sligo Be amazed at the Cliffs of Moher. It could also bring snow, wind, and rain. Average temperatures will rise to between 10 and 17°C —definitely getting warmer—and sunshine hours are on par with May. What is the weather like in Ireland and when is the best time to visit? November will be the last of the autumn months, as colder weather rushes in to welcome the first whispers of winter. Though it’s a bit farther out from Dublin, the town of Ennis in County Clare hosts its annual Fleadh Nua musical festival. Valentia Island is the warmest spot in Ireland with an average annual temperature of 10.9 ºC. Spanning a full five days in mid-March, this celebration is definitely geared towards those with an inner party animal. For anyone who hasn’t yet come across the term, ‘slow food’ is, in short, a movement: it is a celebration of food that is made and eaten slowly, intentionally, and mindfully. It’s incredibly involved; an eight-day festival that promises everything from street entertainment to Irish music and dance workshops. One excellent thing about life in Dublin that appeals to young families, professionals and those looking to retire here is that you’re never too far from the countryside. The temperatures are cooler during the low season in Ireland and you stand a very strong chance of getting caught in a rainstorm. Judging from the fact that the festival in 1974 was only three days long and is now over a week in length, this is something worth seeing even if it means a bit of a commute. Basically, the British Isles are good and safe to travel all year round. Think Mardi Gras, but for nearly a week and with a lot more beer. Mit dem RegenRadar verfolgen Sie live Regen, Schnee und Wolken. Best Weather In Ireland - The “Sunny Southeast” Coast. Plus, it’s finally getting warm enough for patio weather, which means pubs that offer beer gardens will be opening their outdoor areas for a side of skyline with your pint. The best time to travel to Ireland and enjoy the sun is undoubtedly the summer season: June, July and August.