Star Wars star Adam Driver finally had enough of Last Week Tonight host John Oliver's shenanigans with his obsession and fawning. 4Chan is full of PR people trying to shut down discussion by posting outrageous, disprovable claims in an effort to discredit all info about Joanne. Like how could I EVER think that they would let me give my STUPID presents to ADAM. However, this interview made waves because of Adam's off-hand comment about fan interactions at the stage door (emphasis mine): On the couch was a piece of fan art he had received at the stage door. Sure enough, on days he didn't sign, Adam was leaving through the main entrance of the theater, accompanied by a small security detail. So... that was something. Left the situation feeling really disillusioned and crappy and like I did something wrong. She was cold, aloof, disengaged, staring at herself on the big screen monitor when Adam was interacting with fans, it was bizarre. But curiously, according to adamdriverfans, Adam had pointed out the wrong fan: The absolutely tragedy of this situation is (and I can not state this enough) is that he singled out the wrong person. But Adam Driver is A Talent. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for being brave enough to risk all the slings and arrows from some anonymous posters on other forums. I was trying to give tokens of appreciation to a person and an organization that I admire. No one is entitled to him being 24/7 super nice and positive and not mentioning stuff like this. Left the situation feeling really disillusioned and crappy and like I did something wrong. I have no control over what anyone does but my own self. In my opinion, it's impossible to go near the subreddit unless you believe, on some level, that Joanne and Adam should separate, and that Daisy is a factor in that separation. I should write both of them a thank you letter. Eminem's song "Stan" describes a so-called "stalker fan," someone who is obsessed with an artist to the point of shaping their entire life around them. That is not an explanation that makes the situation any less insane. As a result, this Omaze campaign was met with negative reactions from those who sided with Missus-Misanthrope, with the general opinion that Adam was now a "sellout," a slave to his wife's desires to "save" AITAF from bad press. [–][deleted] 11 points12 points13 points 1 year ago (4 children). The unprofessionalism displayed by Joanne that night regardless of what she had decided I had done to warrant her rudeness was absolutely despicable. I believe you and I support you. TAGS: Adam Driver Cannes 2018. Variety 165,818 views. I have actors and authors that I really like, and what I do is I watch their movies and read their books. A Broadway revival was performed in 2019 with Keri Russel as the main character, Anna, and Adam as her love interest, Pale. Early videos of the stage door show a small crowd, but as the play wore on, security measures became more intense. However, probe deeper, and adamdriverfans reveals its true nature. Related. They can’t even call on their friends and connections to help fill the seats. That's why I am a huge supporter of AITAF. These people are scary deluded. DO NOT HARASS ANYONE INVOLVED. I felt like they both viewed me like I was NOTHING. Here's every reason you're secretly attracted to … You most likely know 36-year-old Adam Driver from his work in the Star Wars franchise as the fearsome Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. At the Oscars, the Best Actor nominee didn't surprise us. [–]rjlik 10 points11 points12 points 1 year ago (0 children). It really just felt like I was treated that way because I was not viewed as important. Labeling everyone that way is unfair to the people who are just genuine fans with a true story to tell or with dissenting opinions. But that one sentence sent stans into fits. One of my favorite phrases to live by when I know I'm in the right despite any detractors. Adam originally played Pale during his tenure at Julliard and took on the role again for the Broadway revival. An upcoming actor needs a charismatic partner who can charm the people who really matter. In spite of the crowd, the Burn This stage door was usually pleasant and calm. The absolute anonymity of 4chan engenders some of the worst behaviors I've ever seen while having zero accountability. Sorry to disappoint. A year ago, The Rise of Skywalker released in theaters. I met Joanne at the AITAF anniversary event in November. The two begin a hasty love affair when Robbie, Pale's brother and Anna's roommate, dies suddenly in a boating accident and Pale comes by to collect Robbie's belongings. Sorry to disappoint there, too. We don't have all the answers, but we have the will to try and foster something that's at least a little better, and certainly more tolerant. A lot of my friends speculate that these are the same people. There is no excuse for her behavior. If she is doing this to people, they NEED to speak up. Supporters of Joanne and Adam's marriage and critiques of the subreddit are considered "blind" mean girls ignoring the truth and looking for someone to bully. “Driver is starring as Maurizio Gucci, while Irons will play Maurizio’s father, Rodolfo Gucci. HARD NO. I dunno. I was following advice from people who work for AITAF and it ended up turning into a very unpleasant situation. We are willing to listen to all perspectives. While we don't know much about their June 22 super-secret destination ceremony, we can only assume that the reception featured a bounty of charcuterie, based on an interview Driver gave to I felt like I was in a freaking nightmare. Recall that Adam was not just scandalized by the wood carving (emphasis mine): “This one woman who has been harassing my wife came to the show and gave me a creepy wood carving that she made of my dog.". Please let us know what happens, if anything, with your complaint. Was I disappointed that things happened the way they did? The original Imgur post is set to "private." use the following search parameters to narrow your results: An open minded community created to discuss news, works, gossip and anything at all relating to Adam Driver. At one point Adam yanks Joanne to him when he puts his arm around her. Some especially dedicated playgoers began staking out all entrance/exit points of the Hudson Theater. Been reflecting on this since it all started. (WARNING: Article may contain spoilers.) Like how could I EVER think that they would let me give my STUPID presents to ADAM. How did it go? There is a long pause where he appears to be either waiting for his security team or examining the carving. Regarding the stage door interaction, Missus-Misanthrope felt attacked and exhausted: Less than 24 hours later, I was being attacked and insulted for basically just existing in the same place as Adam. Adam was targeting Missus-Misanthrope on purpose. There's been a lot of interest lately in "Daiver", the portmanteau to describe the dynamic between Adam Driver and Daisy … Compilation of Daiver Cute Moments (Part 2) 2019 / TRoS era "He's Are we supporters of Adam or blind supporters of his wife? Adam Driver (s.19. Any Daivers found on adamdriverfans are the most extreme iteration of this kind of 'shipper: they believe that Adam and Daisy had an affair, followed by a falling-out somewhere around The Force Awakens, and that Lucasfilm (and their respective publicists) have been keeping them separate. “This one woman who has been harassing my wife came to the show and gave me a creepy wood carving that she made of my dog,” he said. Click HERE for more information and to place your orders. Like it's either this or they make the wife part of the obsession in a way that...doesn't seem genuine. Adam was no exception: the Burn This stage door usually had a moderate crowd after every show, and so the Hudson Theater was outfitted with several security guards and barricades, including a personal bodyguard for Adam himself. The minute they walked away, they separated again. I hope you find a way to register your complaint and we would absolutely love to know what happens. In this star system anyway, he is unique. I have a pretty good idea who a few of these people are anyway and I have zero respect for them. I felt like they both viewed me like I was NOTHING. Thanks so much for sharing . It is unknown whether or not Adam will do another Broadway run in the future. Thankfully, the rest of the night was great. Adam Driver stops by to facetime John Oliver on the season seven finale of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, November 15, 2020. [–][deleted] 22 points23 points24 points 1 year ago (3 children). I just will never understand this level of fandom. I didn't fly to NY JUST to give presents to Adam. And people from AITAF had made it seem like it wasn't a big deal earlier in the evening, so I was totally knocked on my ass by their behavior. Details of the thread were corroborated by others who were either at the same show or friends with OP. The release date is set for the 2020 date, though we do not know the exact day or month. This was the interaction Adam Driver remembered from his stage door. I believe you. If no one is willing to engage with you here but had rather talk behind your back, then don't worry about it anymore. But there is a short passage just after Adam's comment about the wood carving that hints at the dark heart of this scandal: He and Tucker have a young son, whose birth they kept hidden from the press for two years, in what Driver called “a military operation.” Last fall, after Tucker’s sister, who was launching a peacoat business, accidentally made her Instagram account public and someone noticed the back of his son’s head in one picture, the news wound up on Page Six. If people would come here and ASK me questions instead of writing a new version of my story to make it fit their narrative, maybe the mental gymnastics wouldn't have to be quite as exhausting. Many announced that they were leaving the fandom after the Omaze campaign and after the New Yorker article. I hope she isn't treating a lot of donors like this. I'm sure she CAN be nice sometimes, but she clearly has it in her to be terrible. She was a representative of AITAF at an AITAF event and I am a donor to AITAF. Burn This is a somewhat obscure play by playwright Lanford Wilson. Under what circumstances would Adam and Joanne have to hide a child for two years? I don't condone blind support of anyone, especially someone most people have never met. He laughs and cries and calls for his ex-wife's death in Noam Baumbach's Marriage Story.He even breaks into song two thirds of … I don't even care anymore. He played Hannah Horvath’s erratic-but-earnest love interest. The stage jumper, the fans pursuing him at all doors into and out of the Hudson, seemed to fade away in comparison to this ten seconds of stage door history. It turned out the person who made the wood carving is associated with fans who are convinced he is divorced from (or in the process of divorcing) his wife after Adam had an affair with Daisy Ridley. Feel free to post anything Adam Driver related, be good, and have fun :) Happy Bendemption Day! If people are going to run their mouths about me and name call me like little children, I'm not hiding behind total anonymity. So when Adam announced a Broadway run in 2019, fans were thrilled at the opportunity to finally meet their idol. I have run through the whole thing over and over in my brain and there is no explanation in which her behavior can be excused. There are tickets available for every single night and whole parts of the theatre are empty on some nights. Accounts have been erased, posts have been either deleted or archived, and Twitters have been suspended, deactivated, or moved. This interaction would become infamous months later, in October, when it came up during an interview. I get the feeling that some people would try to say "oh but she is probably tired of people coming up to her and...". Regardless of the error, the dice had been cast, and the votes were in: Adam Driver hated his fans, and Missus-Misanthrope was, indeed, a fandom pariah. People project their own ideals on others without understand there is so much they don't know. Let's start with the basics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, He served for three years at Camp Pendelton, California as a mortarman, he carried his dog, Moose, from the stage door to his car, A video was posted on Twitter in June 2019. called other women "creepy" for asking to shake Adam's hand at the stage door. A dam Driver, 31, is the Emmy-nominated star from the HBO series Girls, in which he plays Hannah Horvath’s (Lena Dunham) on-off love interest Adam Sackler.As Sackler, Driver … ), I was not rude, I just thanked her and said I had some tokens of appreciation for her husband (because I am crrrrrazy and I appreciate his work with the military. So I said "no thanks! [–]chartreuse6 12 points13 points14 points 1 year ago (0 children), Wow. During “Girls,” strangers would often share details about their sex lives with him. Adam Driver generally look to have 11.5cm eye to tip of head than most 6 feet plus guys have normal 12cm eye level but he have a long head that cover his high eye level advantage. So i would say 189cm and might be a guy like brandon routh and dax shepard who look 189+ than just flat 189cm. While he isn't rude to fans, coworkers, or industry professionals, Adam is defensive of his personal space and reacts poorly to being candidly photographed in public. Missed a zero! She then promptly made her way backstage, where she reportedly gave Keri Russel a huge fright before being escorted out by security. And I realize there are people who’ve had positive interactions with her, but that doesn’t mean others who haven’t should be silenced or discredited. It was just so, so not okay. I mean, why? REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 28367 on r2-app-0d3f7ccf8e9fc4e97 at 2020-12-23 13:04:19.023751+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: IR. Gaslighting is very 2019. It felt very mean girls in a way. She treated me horribly. She was just standing there. Especially the amount of weirdos with the “we only care about his happiness” excuse. I honestly felt like that was what they were doing. ReddIt Coolwaters Productions and KLF Sports, continuing their joint venture, have announced their current private send-in signings with Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are live. My friends actually like me and think I'm pretty cool so you're actually missing out. Let me be abundantly clear: this exact GIF is impossible to find. Adam is famously shy and reclusive. Missus-Misanthrope had been recognized by Adam for a reason: she had already tried to pass a carving (speculated to be the very same dog carving given in 2019) to Adam via Joanne at an AITAF donor event in 2018. They will remain staunch defenders of Joanne Tucker no matter what and ascribe nefarious motives to anyone who dares say anything remotely critical about her. [–][deleted] 7 points8 points9 points 1 year ago (0 children). I guess less than 10,000? Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink Inexcusable. He and his wife successfully hid the fact that they had a son for two years. I’m tired of people being attacked for telling their story. The article was released in October 2019 and can be found here. Joanne was totally in the right for treating me like she did. This shirt on him...Adam as Phillip, TIWILY, Adam Driver's Surprising Path to Fame by Screen Rant, What's on Netflix: Adam Driver/Greta Gerwig Film to Shoot in February,, Adam Driver: "Film is a director's medium. He was later honorably discharged for breaking his collarbone in a mountain biking accident and watched with guilt as his friends went on to fight in the ongoing War on Terror in the Middle East. "I donated money that was very hard to come by and purchased a ticket" I responded. Source @AITA_reddit Needless to say, bad press from Missus-Misanthrope's interactions with Adam and Joanne did not stick. [–][deleted] 10 points11 points12 points 1 year ago* (2 children). Other members of adamdriverfans said that Adam was well within his right to say something: People are taking this way too personally. Daivers go one step further and want the actors to be together. Even if they don't reply, I'm sure there's plenty who believe you. ), but the reach on this one is mind-boggling. The number one priority is making sure that there will be more donations. marraskuuta 1983 San Diego, Kalifornia, Yhdysvallat) on yhdysvaltalainen näyttelijä.Hänet tunnetaan muun muassa Adam Sacklerin roolistaan televisiosarjassa Girls (2012–2017). Adam came out and signed as normal, not once paying attention to the screaming woman trying to dodge several security guards. At the bar. We couldn’t wait to see him return to Studio H8, but not just because he’s one of our favorites. It's especially rewarding if they have a really big body of work, like Adam. But yeah. In the summer, an Adam Driver stan by the username Missus-Misanthrope waited at the stage door with a special gift for Adam Driver: a wood carving of his beloved dog, Moose. And I wasn't even demanding that anyone let me go to where he was. [–][deleted] 14 points15 points16 points 1 year ago (0 children), As expected, the cesspool of the internet is frothing over with talk of me being an oversensitive snowflake, accusing me of being a stalker, a crazy fan, behaving inappropriately and omitting it from my story (because HOW could they act like this without being pushed to do so? She was glaring at me while I was thanking her for her work with the foundation. I am owning this. What has happened to MissusMisanthrope feels like a horror story of the worst possible outcome of being a fan of a celebrity: Bullied by the celebrity’s wife and staff. When he wasn't peeing on Lena Dunham in the shower or pumping iron … It sucked to look forward to that event so much and work hard to overcome anxiety to travel to NY alone and have some awful crap like that happen. A friend? This post actually gave me flashbacks to a woman in the Sherlock fandom, who was so rude to everyone at the Frankenstein stage door not named ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ that Johnny Lee Miller told her off. In reality, the fans on adamdriverfans are hostile towards non-members: One poster even called other women "creepy" for asking to shake Adam's hand at the stage door. Throughout almost all of spring, Adam patiently stopped to sign every single person's Playbill, shake hands, and say hi. When it gets to this level 'fandom' is kind of under selling things. 0 3,411. Some began gleefully sharing the original GIF of the interaction; others laughed at Missus-Misanthrope or showed her pity. F ew actors could be said to have dominated a year as much as Adam Driver. There is no way that Joanne felt as though I was dangerous. However, just after bows had ended and the actors had left, the woman stood up, made her way to the front of the stage, and climbed up. A later comment in the same thread underlines feelings of betrayal (emphasis mine): I have played it over and over in my head and I literally didn't do anything wrong. The two married in 2013 and went on to found Arts in the Armed Forces, or AITAF: a charity dedicated to bringing free, high-quality theater to military bases and to veterans's families. Here, I focus on adamdriverfans because it was the main vehicle for Missus-Misanthrope to post her thoughts and feelings. He ended up not winning her heart in the movie but in real life, won the affection of the female millennial population, critics and directors alike. I have looked into your story and I want you to know that I find you very credible. 2:08. "I donated money that was very hard to come by and purchased a ticket" I responded. Adam Driver has a son, but managed to keep that hidden from the press for more than two years. The play did so well that it was nominated for a Tony for Best Revival, and Adam was nominated for Best Actor in a Stage Play. Adam Driver has confirmed that he’s a father.. It sucked to look forward to that event so much and work hard to overcome anxiety to travel to NY alone and have some awful crap like that happen. But somehow, this was not the incident that made the news. Joanne is a PR disaster. Missus-Misanthrope wanted this GIF gone from the Internet. I am just so sick of seeing people that have never met this woman raving about how wonderful she is. Adam Driver has a son, but managed to keep that hidden from the press for more than two years. Her behavior was so ugly and childish. She can be cruel and hateful. Adam was very vocal about his appreciation of the donors to AITAF so at least I didn't feel like complete useless trash. If you have something to share, feel free to be as detailed and honest as you can. Thank you for the support. That's not conducive to positive discourse. Others questioned whether Adam was on a downward spiral in general, linking his "sellout" behavior to his weight loss and (supposed) fighting with Joanne. An open minded community created to discuss news, works, gossip and anything at all relating to Adam Driver. This is why Burn This is selling slowly. But it's challenging to separate posts from true-blue Daivers, posts from those who think Adam and Daisy had an affair, and posts from users who simply hate Joanne Tucker. If you can't understand why, I am not sure I know what to tell you. But what about Missus-Misanthrope? But I am worried about AITAF's reputation with donors if this is a regular thing. On 19-11-1983 Adam Driver (nickname: Adam) was born in San Diego, California, United States. It’s a thing in the fanbase for the boy band, One Direction. He made his 2 million dollar fortune with You Don't Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story, J. Edgar, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s nice to hear Adam was so appreciative of the donors. You might not be able to explain why exactly you're attracted to him, but that's what you have us here for. Whether I am believed isn't even important at this point. But he has every right to his opinion and every right to express boundaries like any other person out there. from TFA behind the scenes, Inside the Armory 6,435 notes Apr 16th, 2016. For its part, the mods of adamdriverfans posit the subreddit as a place for healthy discussion. There is no reason you can’t share your story. ", Singer Timur Gabriel in Annette - Small mention of Adam, Adam with Alba Rohtwacher and Saverio Costanzo (Hungry Hearts), believe from Venice. Of all the surprises in the Star Wars series, here’s one you might’ve missed: Kylo Ren and his secret droid offspring BB-8.. After The Force Awakens actress Daisy Ridley tweeted a photo of Adam Driver and the plucky droid’s red-carpet stare-down, redditors borrowed the image as inspiration for an action-packed, spoiler-free Photoshop Battle: (It's kind of like the traveling band coming through your village to perform a play once a year, lmao.) Judgmental, catty and immature. The performance was amazing and the Q&A was wonderful. But hahahaha man. Adam Driver. Went into the situation really admiring Joanne. Thanks to online communities, these things are more common. October 2019: Your Friendly Neighborhood Pariah, Aftermath: Exodus, Post Purging, and the Downward Spiral to Doucheville. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Comments Back to Gallery We’re calling it. If people give money to an organization, they should be afforded basic respect. However, some fans were not satisfied. Not one person has been able to explain the PR logic behind why a celebrity would fake a pregnancy to get attention yet have no follow-up plan to show up with a baby or confirm it or even mention it ever again. When Adam made his way to her at the stage door, Missus-Misanthrope greeted him and handed him the carving. An open minded community created to discuss news, works, gossip and anything at all relating to Adam Driver. After leaving the military, Adam, like many marines, had trouble adjusting to civilian life and puttered around the Midwest doing odd jobs. I did not "seek her out." It's a shame. When I saw Joanne, I thought she would be the perfect person to help me accomplish this. Adam Douglas Driver was first recognized from the HBO’s Girls (2012 – 2017). So sorry you had to go through this. The wildest bit I'm still hearing is that Cumberbatch's wife specifically faked a third pregnancy for attention but there is and never was a third child because no one has seen it yet. See a recent post on Tumblr from @adreamingsologirl about adam driver. [–]bai-qian 11 points12 points13 points 1 year ago (0 children). Wank ensued. I don't know what is happening in her personal life but it is never okay to take personal issues out on other people. I would have been beyond mortified and humiliated if I’d been subjected to such appalling behavior. There's nothing you can say to change made up minds. This fandom lost its way a long time ago. **Adam Driver: **That was the summer, so I would commute to the city and come out for class every morning, and then I took an apartment a month before school started on … that fans who don't believe the rumors are waiting for their chance to sleep with Adam. One is King Kong and the other is Adam Driver. ", [–]bai-qian 6 points7 points8 points 1 year ago (0 children). Are those fans in the minority? This past weekend Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time.